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Flux Treatment

weber-kunststofftechnik-flux-treatment-ironlessState-of-the-art technologies for pre-treatment. Over 15 years of experience.

The flux processing system "Ironless" is our sollution for your pre-treatment in hot-dip galvanizing plants. The continuous regeneration of the flux bath reduces your costs and increases the quality of the galvanizing. Our flux processing system consists of two reaction tanks, filtrate tank, pumping station, dosing devices, filter press, safety collecting trays with leakage floor sensors, operating platform with stairs and a pneumatic and electrical control for operating the system. The installation and commissioning of the system is carried out by the Weber Kunststofftechnik team.

Your advantages :

  • extremely low iron content in the flux
  • less zinc ash and dross
  • reduction of zinc consumption
  • continuous removal of the flux sludge
  • nearly unlimited service life
  • less rework
  • reduction of chemical and energy consumption
  • increase in quality
  • constant bath level
  • filter press directly over waste container
  • full commissioning and training

Possible designs / technical data:

  • compact design
  • L x B x H (mm): ca. 4500 x 3500 x 3400
  • various flexible setups possible
  • powerful hybrid batch process
  • two reaction tanks for high performance
  • intuitive operation
  • automatic ph-value adjustment
  • integrated platform

Impression: Flux Treatment