collection and storage systems

Collection and storage systems

In everyday operations, you have daily contact with water-hazardous substances. Our most important asset, the environment, must be protected from the dangers and risks connected with this. Thus, the safe storage of water-hazardous substances is a focus of your operational environmental protection.
We are one of the leading manufacturer of safety pallets and collection troughs, of course, with type approval and proof of stability according to media list of DIBt, Berlin.

As a specialised company according to WHG, we provide support regarding precautions for:
  • a secure storage of hazardous substances in order to protect humans and the environment
  • a clear and clean workplace

A specialised company according to WHG:
  • has adequate devices and equipment as well as expert personnel
  • is member of a quality or monitoring association or has closed a monitoring contract with a technical monitoring association.

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